The results of the first week

2018-09-26 13:25:14


The first week since the release of the game has passed, and we want to thank everyone who has already joined the fight. All the week we were humbled and overwhrlemed by the number of players who expressed interest in Warface.

This influx of players had its technical impact and consequences: this was a live battle test for the servers that managed with the load, albeit with some occasional difficulties. Right now our team is collecting and processing the data, including your feedback — which proves quite helpful — expediting the whole process of fishing out and fixing bugs. We'll do our best to ensure a truly positive environment in the game!

Now it's time to answer the most frequently asked questions about the technical aspects and issues. Let's get started!

"Lagging" and high ping.

Players may in fact experience connectivity issues during peak loads on the server, that can have its impact on player experience. Our team is ready to deliver solution that, currently undergoing the stage of internal testing. If the tests are successful, the patch will be released to game servers with the next update. Please note that we will continue collecting and monitoring data on this matter.

Problems accessing the game

We've issued a range of fixes to solve this problem. The situation is stable at this point, but we're continuing to monitor this issue.

Training missions are missing the RPG

We are aware that the RPG launcher may upon rare occasions be missing in the final stage of the Training mission. We're collecting more data to fix this error. As a temporary fix, you can restart the Training mission and complete its final stage.

Complaints concerning balancing the Sniper class

We are consistenly receiving feedback on this matter. Our decisions are based on data obtained on live servers. A final solution is going to require more data and thus more time. Let's take a look at the statistics we've composed below:

This chart displays the average Kills / Deaths ratio in all PvP game modes of all four classes (see the indicators on the left) in different level ranges (displayed below). As you can see, the Sniper class numbers (marked orange) doesn't differ drastically and fits in with other classes.

We're continuing to monitor the situation, and we'll be sure to share our progress as soon as we have all the required data.

Friends! We're always happy to receive your feedback on our social channels. Let's make our favorite game even better!

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