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2018-11-15 10:25:37


Our satellites have encountered strange distortions in the signal from a location in Siberia. An entire mountainous region has disappeared from the radar. All our efforts to pierce the screen have been unsuccessful. It looks like we’ll have to get some boots on the ground. Be on your guard: we’ve been informed that Blackwood has erected a whole base in the sector.

The raid will consist of three parts, each connected to the overarching story, but with different objectives. You can choose a specific part of the raid or risk taking on all three at once. Naturally, the reward for overcoming that challenge will be higher! 

Part 1: Spearhead

The Warface squad needs to infiltrate enemy territory, look for the equipment that is infering with our satellites’ exploration of the region, and take it out of commission. We do not have precise information about the number of enemies or their equipment. You’ll have to be prepared for anything.

Keep your eyes peeled. You may be able to use the enemy’s equipment and defenses against them. Furthermore, if our intelligence is to be believed are heavy military vehicles on the base and Blackwood may deploy them against you.

Part 2: Ambush

As soon as you upload the virus onto the enemy’s network and return our satellites to functioning, try to reach the main base. Your opponent will try to destroy the generators that keep the network online. Don’t let them get close enough to turn them off: if they succeed, all our attempts to infect the network with a virus will have been in vain, but the path for enemy reinforcements on the summit will be cut off. We believe that the headquarters is located there.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the sky. Blackwood soldiers with cutting-edge jetpacks may appear and catch your squad off guard. That’s only half of it: the base is also being patrolled by a military helicopter which can be a serious issue for you.

Part 3: Zenith

If everything goes smoothly, after you’ve defended the generators, you’ll be able to use the conveyor belt to reach the main base and find out what the enemy was trying so desperately to hide from our satellites.

The enemy knows that it’s their last line of defense and will fight to the last. Pay attention to the defensive setup and sandbags that can be good cover, as well as the high-caliber weapon in the center of the location. Try to figure out how to use it. If you succeed, it will make your life much easier: a single round can tear apart the gate and clear your path.

We have reason to believe that the main entrance is being guarded by a Mech-2300. Just think., Blackwood has a huge manned war machine, and you have a powerful weapon at your disposal. What to do...


The most experienced soldiers can risk tacking the Spearhead, Ambush, and Zenith missions one right after another, without the chance to catch their breath between them. In this case, all the special resources accumulated for installing mines and defensive setups during the raid will be saved when you move on to the next part.

Rewards and Achievements

For your success in this challenging special operation, you will receive special achievements and rewards, including unique skins for your character and a weapon in winter camouflage. Here are some of them. Can you collect the full set?


Prepare for battle! We’ll be moving out soon!

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