Coming soon: Domination PvP mode

2018-11-14 17:11:24


Soon you’ll be able to play in a new PvP mode, Domination, in which you’ll not only have to shoot sharply, but also change positions actively, assessing the situation, and distributing your squad’s strength appropriately.


You main objective is to capture and hold three key points that will earn your team points. Whichever side is the first to get a thousand points wins. The mode requires active movements and solid teamwork. It will be hard for one fighter to capture a point. The enemy will surely defend the object to the death.


Success in Domination has its rewards, including numerous game achievements: for capturing points in the mode and for killing enemies during capture or defense of points.

Хирургическая точность

Одна точка, чтоб править всеми

Минное поле


Единогласное решение

Беспроигрышная стратегия

Алгоритм победы

Can you earn them all?

Launch Map

The recon team sent an alert: they detected an enemy engineering complex in the mountains of a remote part of Africa. Judging from the photos, the enemy is preparing a booster rocket to send a satellite into orbit. If they succeed, our troops’ location will be revealed, and the results could be catastrophic. We must capture the object at any cost!

The battle promises to be intense: the heat of the African climate and the relatively unfamiliar complex mean you can’t stop to catch your breath, and the rocket launch processes, especially the movement of the transport platforms, will force you to change your tactics during battle.

The complex contains three key points: the first two are the head and tail of the rocket, and the third is the command center where the launch will be controlled from.

Capturing and holding the positions will give a tactical advantage and full control of the territory. Don’t take your time, but be careful. The enemy won’t give up the points easily.

Prepare for battle!

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