RPD Custom, Elite Carbon Squad, and awesome discounts

2018-11-13 13:33:07


RPD Custom HMG is now available in the store! Also arriving are some elite character skins and great discounts on a ton of useful items. Don’t miss these incredible offers!

RPD Custom

Famous Soviet HMG Degtyaryov is now in the game. It's a true time-tested legend! The weapon is presented in its modified form, and there are various modules that can be set so you’ll be ready for any situation or to change tactics right in the heat of battle. In addition to great specifications, the machine gun has increased damage to limbs, rapid aiming mode, and predictable recoil. RPD Custom will definitely appeal to PvP fans.

ACR Uniform

Unlike other squads, this uniform has a unique look for each class. Sets do not give direct advantages, but allow you to hide your equipment from prying eyes, become less visible on the ground, and stand out from other members of the squad.


When there is an awesome discount, buying new stuff is twice as great! 25% off on character skins and 20% off on weapons and class items are waiting for you. Get some incredible deals!

25% discount on character skins!
20% discount on weapons and class items!
Enfield L85A2
Honey Badger
Fabarm STF12 Compact
PKP Pecheneg
Capacious Ammo Pack
Infantry Ammo Pack
Paramedic Medkit
Adrenalin Medkit
Composite Armor Kit
Plate Armor Kit
Resuscitation Defibrillator
Portable Defibrillator

See you in-game!

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