Arsenal Changes [11.09.18]

2018-09-11 07:40:52


The time has come to try out some new guns. What new stuff is in the game store this week?

Game Store Changes

All these guns can be purchased permanently for credits or temporarily for money.

FN F2000
Kel-Tec Shotgun
Remington 870 RAS
Daewoo K7
Barrett M107
CheyTac M200

In addition, the SCAR-L PDW is now available in the store. This loyal sidekick can be yours forever for credits or temporarily for money.

By the way, you can get its gold version from early access packs. Besides its luxurious look, which indicates the high status of its owner, the gold rifle has better stats: improved hip accuracy, increased rate of fire, and five extra cartridges in the magazine.

Left the game store

Calico M960A, SIG 552, XM8, AUG A3, Jackhammer, Derya MK-10 VR 102, Barrett M98B, QBU-88.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to add to your arsenal and try out a new piece in battle!

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