Your chance to get an early acces pack for PS4!

2018-09-03 14:14:04


We have great news for you. The shipment of the freshest Early Access packs has just arrived.

Do you want to start playing Warface earlier than others? We got what you need. Early Access packs will be given away on Warface social media channels during the week.

Subscribe to them and be the first to see and complete special tasks in order to get the packs. Don't forget to tell your friends about that, cause playing together is so much better, and you can surely use their assistance along the way!

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Coming Soon: New PvP Maps
We are continuing our discussion of the coming update. Today’s topic is PvP maps!
2018-09-03 11:22:24
New Game Content Available!
The continuation of the Anubis raid, Capture PvP mode, and new PvP maps are now waiting for you!
2018-09-04 07:34:28

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