Coming Soon: New PvP Maps

2018-09-03 11:22:24


We are continuing our discussion of the coming update. Today’s topic is PvP maps!

Map: Hangar 2.0, Team Deathmatch mode

An enemy group has retreated to a fortified position in an industrial hangar. Your task is simple – find and eliminate the enemy squadron. But keep in mind that these are no ordinary mercenaries, but a well-trained elite team. The battle will be tough.

The hangar itself is not large, but it’s easy to get lost in the morass of shipping containers. Watch where you step in case of carefully installed enemy mines, but look up too: the second tier is a great place for a sudden attack.

The enemy has nowhere to retreat to, so expect fierce resistance. Good luck, soldiers!

Forest map, Free for All mode

It’s no good calling for help in this forest, even if you’re lost. There are no friends to come to your rescue, only enemies all around, who want to slaughter as many people as they can. The upside is that you can shoot at ever slight sound you here without worrying about shooting an ally.

Use cover wisely—there’s plenty to go around: structures, shipping containers, a bridge, and abandoned vehicles. Take your weapon and prove that you’re a real soldier who can act under any circumstances!

Pyramid map, Plant the Bomb mode

Events unfold on an architectural complex somewhere in Africa. The center is occupied by a massive pyramid combatants can go around, or, if they dare, go through, traversing its many winding corridors.

Next to the pyramid stand two impressive statues of mighty gods of great archeological value. According to our data, the enemy is trying to destroy them before they retreat from the region by placing a powerful explosive at the base. Do not allow this to happen!

Wharf map, Storm mode

This once flourishing shipyard is now abandoned and forgotten, however its position is still valuable. The territory will be an excellent stepping stone for the advance of our troops. That is why our main objective is to storm the three key points and beat back the enemy.

You must battle among the ruin buildings, rusted out skeletons of transport vessels and shipping containers, breaking through to the point under heavy enemy fire.

Whose flag will rise above these gloomy ruins? That depends on you!

Deposit map, Capture the Flag mode

Details about this mode and map can be found in the corresponding materials.

Prepare for battle! We’ll be moving out soon!

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