Update and Event - 24.08.2023

2023-08-24 14:19:31


In this update, you'll find the "Expedition" event with an updated "Brawl" mode, a new "Port" map and the Sticky Grenade, changes to the crafting system, expansion of the mod system, as well as a bunch of bug fixes.

New Content

Content Changes

Mod System Expansion

The modification system has been expanded with a few old but good guns - the Sidewinder Venom, the Cobalt Kinetics EDGE Rifle, and the M1911A1. They have got a considerable buff and golden versions to light your way to victory!

Sidewinder Venom

The first thing we've thought of is damage. The Sidewinder Venom now features a total of 920 damage (which means 92 damage per pellet). We've also altered the minimum and maximum spread values to make the shotgun more accurate. The range decreased slightly - from 6 to 5 meters.

The golden version features higher damage and better range. The golden version of the gun will be available later.

Stats tweaks
  • Increased overall damage: from 670 to 920.
  • Decreased fire range: from 6 to 5 m.
  • Decreased fire rate: from 120 to 119.9.
  • Increased hip fire accuracy: from 56 to 62.
  • Increased ADS accuracy: from 72 to 76.


Cobalt Kinetics EDGE Rifle

As for the Cobalt Kinetics EDGE Rifle, now it boasts increased damage (going from 86 to 96) and a RPM of 735. We've also improved the recoil pattern and accuracy and increased the zoom in and out speed.

The golden version features a higher RPM and mag capacity. The golden version of the gun will be available later.

Stats tweaks
  • Increased head damage multiplier: from 5 to 6.
  • Increased torso damage multiplier: from 1 to 1.05.
  • Increased arms damage multiplier: from 0.95 to 1.
  • Increased legs damage multiplier: from 0.9 to 1.



The M1911A1 is a powerful semi-automatic pistol with good damage and high accuracy. And now it's available in the mod system as well!

Stats tweaks
  • Increased torso damage multiplier: from 1 to 1.1.
  • Increased arms damage multiplier: from 1 to 1.05.


Crafting Item Giveaway

The crafting items giveaway has begun! Check out this publication for more information.

Aim-Assist for the Sniper Rifles

The aim-assist is now active on all sniper rifles. The activation radius is slightly narrower, the aim snapping is weaker, and it sticks closer to the centre of the body. We consider this AA configuration most comfortable for Snipers and it fits well into the existing game balance.

Bug Fixes

  • Sentry 12: fixed a bug, due to which the fire rate with the "Lightweight Pellets" mod installed was displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug, due to which the weapons in the event store would be marked as "purchased" if the player had a temporary version of the same weapon in their inventory.
  • S&W Survival Tanto: fixed a bug, due to which some of the sounds when using the weapon were missing.
  • Cobalt Kinetics EDGE Rifle: fixed the bug, due to which the TI-RAID silencer reduced the weapon's accuracy.
  • Fixed visual bugs with the skins "Santa Muerte" and "Biker Girl" (the character skin textures looked transparent).
  • Updated localisation: added missing in-game and item descriptions, fixed some inconsistencies.
  • Fixed some in-game and item icons.

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