New PTB Map "Port"

2023-08-16 10:57:48


A new map for the "Plant the Bomb" mode is now available in the game! The sun is shining through the palm leaves, seagull cries are echoing throughout the bay, and Warface is once again clashing against Blackwood. Check out the map’s visuals in this publication!

About the Map

The sun is scorching hot, and the sea is gently humming just across the street. But don’t get fooled by the idyllic scenery, as Blackwood and Warface chose this quaint Caribbean port town to battle for control over important trade routes. Fight on the streets by the brilliant blue sea under the shade of palm trees, pass by the trusty cargo crane and the old town hall.

"Port" in the Game

Let’s see what the map has in store for you. On the top-down view you can find the key positions, vantage points and double-climb sites. Keep in mind that the enemy comes prepared as well. Good luck!

Don’t wait for the adventure to come to you, go find it for yourself! See you in the game!

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