Soon: Sticky Grenade

2023-08-14 09:37:20


We are happy to present you with the new device that will definitely get you out of sticky situations and your enemies in them. The Sticky Grenade! It will be available in the game with the next update!


This is a universal weapon that fits all classes. The Sticky Grenade will be a reliable assistant even in the most difficult situations and will help leave a mark on the battlefield. You can forget all about the preparations for the grenade throw, this new device doesn't require you to pull the pin, so you can instantly use it for a wide range of tactical manoeuvres. Just throw, stick and go.

And did we mention, that it sticks to all kinds of surfaces? Yes, enemies included.

In comparison to a conventional grenade, this novelty has a reduced blast radius, but deals increased damage from the explosion. You can also install standard grenade mods on the device.

Get ready to shake things up!

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