Updated Battle Pass "Spirits" Now in Game!
An updated Battle Pass season "Spirits" has started in Warface. This time, the BP features a special store, a line-up of daily quests, new rewards, and basic premium access for 25,000 WF$. 
2023-09-28 08:10:57
Agent Corsair Now in Game!
A new agent has joined the ranks of operatives as part of the "Treasure Hunters" season. Check out his story!
2023-09-22 15:35:03
Ranked Matches: "Treasure Hunters" Season #2
The new season sports the standard progression and updated rewards: temporary weapons of the "Lucky Rabbit" series, a box with the Gothic Karambit, a Gothic Skin for the Karambit, as well as unique achievements and a Gothic Knight Charm.
2023-09-14 10:02:52
Character bundles at a discount
Did you miss out on purchasing these legendary characters? Then here’s your chance! Don’t miss out on these excellent bundle deals. Read on to learn the details.
2023-09-07 13:43:28
Update - 07.09.2023
In this hotfix we've fixed a couple of bugs and visual issues.
2023-09-07 13:04:40
Content Creators Spotlight
A new issue of the Content Creators spotlight is here! Enjoy the best videos made by the members of our partnership program.
2023-08-31 13:07:01
Increased Rewards August 25th - August 28th
To compensate for the long maintenance work you experienced on August 24th, the server rates have been increased. Enjoy a boost to your XP, VP, and WF$ gains!
2023-08-25 15:16:44
Agent Calypso Now in Game!
A new agent has joined the ranks of soldiers as part of the "Treasure Hunters" season. Check out her story!
2023-08-25 12:16:11
Update and Event - 24.08.2023
This update brings the "Expedition" event, new content and changes to the crafting system, as well as a bunch of bug fixes.
2023-08-24 14:19:31
Crafting Item Giveaway Starts on August 24th
We'll remove ways to get new crafting cards and start to give away crafting items on August 24th. Learn how the distribution will go.
2023-08-22 14:05:47