Update - 18.01.2024
The fresh game update brings a possibility to level up the weapon mastery when you play as a SED in a Special Operation and several bug fixes.
2024-01-18 10:12:44
Content Creators Spotlight
A new issue of the Content Creators spotlight is here! Enjoy the best videos made by the members of our partnership program.
2023-12-29 14:37:38
Community Stream - 22/12/2023
Join our Community stream on Twitch on 22/12/2023 at 15:00 UTC (16:00 CET). See you there!
2023-12-22 15:34:01
Happy Holidays, Clutch!
Happy holidays, friends! Discover what's waiting for you in the game and check out the special treat our team has handcrafted just for you.
2023-12-22 15:11:25
"Super Warface 3D" Mini-Game
Play the "Super Warface 3D" game, get a payment bonus, earn special mini-game store currency to get cool weapons, skins, a charm, and a bunch of parts! Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the games of our childhood!
2023-12-22 08:41:09
Agent Hund now in Warface: Clutch
A new agent has joined the ranks pf operatives as part of the "Northern Lights" season. Check out his backstory and set!
2023-12-18 08:39:48
"Winter Fest" Event Now Live!
The "Northern Lights" season goes on in Warface: Clutch. The second seasonal update brings a festive event with a brand-new "King of the Hill" PvP mode as well as a bunch of themed rewards to contribute to the festive mood.
2023-12-14 11:42:27
"Winter Fest" Event Now in Game
The air has a special chill to it, decorations are popping up left and right, the only thing that seems to be missing… is a challenge! Join the Winter Fest and embrace the festivities!
2023-12-11 16:09:26
Community Stream - 08/12/2023
Join our Community stream on YouTube on 08/12/2023 at 15:00 UTC (16:00 CET). See you there!
2023-12-08 13:00:26
[UPD] "Northern Lights": New Seasonal In-Game Activities
The seasonal update "Northern Lights" is already here! And these seasonal activities are capable of lighting even the darkest winter skies.
2023-12-06 14:12:38