Warface PS4™ Tournaments: Open Series

2020-05-26 16:16:04


Are you sure of your strength? The time has come: the Warface PS4™ Tournaments: Open Series is starting soon on PlayStation!

When does it start and what’s the prize pool?

The first tournament starts on June 1st! Open Series is weekly and culminates into a monthly final, giving you a chance to come back and compete repeatedly. In each month, progress through a weekly qualifier to qualify for the monthly final, testing your skills and earning rewards along the way. See how far you can go – then come back for the next month and see what new prizes you can win! There’s honor, glory and impressive rewards at stake.

This is a new online series based on your feedback, which features weekly qualifiers that you can win prizes in by just participating in the tournaments, as well as result-based prizes based on how well you do.

New rewards will be introduced each month and will be available to everyone who competes. All players will earn a PS4 Tournaments theme and avatar for participating in their first tournament, and from there, the value of rewards will increase the more you progress:

  • A special PS4 theme for completing a qualifier
  • Elite versions of the themes and avatars for players who finish a qualifier in the top 40%
  • Best of the best PS4 Tournaments Champions themes and avatars for those who make it to a Monthly Final
  • Rarest of the rare Champions PS4 themes and avatars for players who finishes top and showcases their dominance

What’s more, players will have the opportunity to win a share of the $100 (USD) cash prize pool for all Open Qualifiers, and $1,000 (USD) prize pool for all Monthly Finals.

Organizer and other information

Warface PS4™ Tournaments: Open Series is organized by PlayStation. You can read the tournament rules and register for a tournament in the Events window. 

The tournament is open to all eligible participants and playing is simple:

  • Visit this website for more information about the Open Series and sign up to play!
  • Everyone will participate in a swiss tournament system and the top placers per week will qualify for a monthly final.

For full rules see here: Rulebooks

Please note: Consumers over the age of 16 may enter the tournament.There are also some country restrictions placed by ESL. Please check the tournament rules to learn more.
Challenge yourself and advance to claim greater prizes and glory!

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