Housebound Heroes Marathon

2020-03-21 09:15:20


MY.GAMES has united millions of heroes in our gaming community. In the real world, heroes protect others from danger. By staying home and avoiding unnecessary contact, you are helping to combat the spread of COVID-19. While that sounds easy, staying home 24 hours a day can be challenging for many of us. For all the housebound heroes, we've prepared gifts and bonuses in our games as a sign of appreciation and respect for your efforts. Play at home, stand united!


Daily Login rewards

Starting from March 24th, log into the game every day and get permanent items! Rewards include trusty weapons, "Flor de Muerto" camos and a set of "Arctic Squad" body  skins.

1st day
Colt M1911A1
2nd day
"Flor de Muerto" camo for Colt M1911A1
3rd day
4th day
"Flor de Muerto" camo for АК-47
5th day
Rifleman of the Arctic Squad
6th day
Barrett M98B
7th day
"Flor de Muerto" camo for Barrett M98B
8th day
Sniper of the Arctic Squad
9th day
Beretta MX4 Storm
10th day
"Flor de Muerto" camo for Beretta MX4 Storm
11th day
Engineer of the Arctic Squad
12th day
13th day
"Flor de Muerto" camo for UTAS UTS‐15
14th day
Medic of the Arctic Squad

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Increased rewards for each battle

Gain 20% more Warface Dollars, XP and VP till the end of the month. The offer is available from now on and until 09:00 UTC on the 31st of March.

Random boxes for PvE missions

From the 19th till the 31st of March, take part in normal and hard PvE missions and get Random Boxes with powerful weapons inside!

Important: Special Operations do not count for the event progress.

From the 19th to the 24th of March, by completing PvE missions you will be able to get boxes with the KA-BAR Kukri Machete “Godfather” inside.


And from the 24th to the 31st of March, each correctly finished PvE mission will be rewarded with a "Yakuza" Katana Random Box!



Special Ranked Season

The new Ranked Matches season has already started! This time it brings along heaps of prizes, adrenaline accelerating your bloodstream, and a unique stripe for the first league available only in this season.

Social media activities

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Stay safe!


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