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2018-09-16 11:02:40


In our previous articles, we've already told you about the Earth Shaker raid, which will be in the release of the game, as well as the Blitz PVP mode. Now it's time to tell you about the new PvP maps!

The Oil Depot map, Team Deathmatch mode

Two squads come together in a fight to the death in an oil refinery complex.

The enemy squad was successfully forced into the warehouse, which is a small area, mostly occupied by shipping containers and reservoirs, the roofs of which are perfect spots to snipe from.

Below, a deadly labyrinth awaits in which the easiest thing to find is an enemy mine or perhaps a bullet. Keep your eyes peeled! Stock up on grenades, because they are the perfect way to smoke out an opponent when they’ve taken up a position.

Train Map, Free for All Mode

End of the line, please clear the train cars. Proceed to the exit, and try to survive a real free for all!

For 10 minutes, the quiet train depot will turn into a fight to the death. You have no friends here: you can only trust yourself and your weapons. Set up ambushes, place explosives in entranceways, and secure advantageous positions — there are many to be found here: empty homes, train cars, boxes.

And keep looking over your shoulder: it could save your life. Happy hunting!

D17 Map, Plant the Bomb Mode

It's hard to overestimate the strategic importance of an oil refinery. Just one well placed explosive charge is enough to start a chain reaction and blow the entire refinery to smithereens.

According to our information, the best place for a diversion is sector D17. There are two warehouses located here with barrels of high-octane fuel ready to go. The consequences of detonation are obvious.

Your opponent's team has already arrived at the site. An armed confrontation cannot be avoided. Try to work as a group: lone wolves will quickly get lost among all the containers and become easy prey for the enemy. Pay special attention to the upper levels and the tops of the containers: they're a great place for sniping.

Your goal is simple: eliminate the opponent's team and deactivate the bomb. Good luck!

Quarry Map, Capture Mode

The scene of the battle: a quarry in a mining complex. The location is rather unusual: gigantic concrete blocks, construction machinery, scaffolding, utility rooms. One of the buildings contains a briefcase with important information.

The map includes many passages and good places for an ambush or sniper fire. All this allows you to come up with dozens of options for different tactics and strategies.

Your main target is a briefcase with missile launch codes. Eliminate anyone who stands in your way, and do everything possible to make sure that case is yours!

Hawkrock Map, Blitz Mode

According to information from our satellite, some very valuable cargo has arrived at the opponent's country villa: a radio repeater and boxes of prototypes for a new weapon. Warface's advance detachment has already arrived at the site, neutralized the guard, and prepared the equipment for extraction, but Blackwood special ops have appeared in the area. Command has made the decision to blow up the facility.

The timer is already ticking: there's only 90 seconds until the blast. Don't let the enemy get near the bomb. Listen carefully to what's going on around you. There's not much time, so your opponent will be blowing up gates, and you'll know where to expect their attack based on the sound.

Try to find an opportunity to occupy the upper levels: they're an excellent place to aim your fire at the enemy. Hang in there, soldiers, you can do it!

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