Coming Soon: New PvP mode Capture

2018-08-29 12:35:25


New content is coming to the game! We’re going to tell you about it in parts, starting with the new PvP mode, Capture.

The basis for this mode is the classic game of Capture the Flag. The attacking side’s objective is to get a briefcase with launch codes and delver them to a safe drop-off point. The defenders must prevent them from doing that at all costs, and if the enemy gets the codes, they should return the precious cargo back to their base. Eliminating the entire opposing team will also result in victory.

The first map this mode will be available for is Deposit

The enemy has stormed a bank. Their main objective is to get the briefcase with launch codes from the main vault.

Their engineers gave them plenty of explosives, and they’ve blown a hole in the roof of the vault. Keep that in mind. The new entryway may serve as a good avenue for a tactical maneuver.

The bank has a second floor, so don’t forget to look up now and then: a single shot from the right position on a balcony can destroy a whole squadron.

Take a wide variety of grenades into this mission. They will be useful for clearing out narrow corridors and tight spaces.

Good luck, soldiers!

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