Gold Rush

2019-06-25 10:52:56


There is one thing in common between gold and explosions: they make things better, especially if it comes to weapons. The best Warface armourers assemble these gold-coated models. The guns are extremely pleasant to look at and more effective than their regular peers. They deal increased damage to all types of cyborgs and make you divide and conquer on the battle field. These are the arms worthy of true heroes!

Golden Enfield L85A2

The 3 round burst weapon will definitely catch on among Riflemen. It has manageable recoil, good damage, high rate of fire and excellent range. This versatile gun will be deadly at any distance!

By eliminating enemies with the golden version you can get а custom achievement.

Golden Uzkon UNG-12

Due to impressive damage, high accuracy, unrivalled rate of fire, high capacity 10 round magazine and fully automated fire mode this semiautomatic shotgun will turn into your enemies' most dreaded nightmare. You will storm into the heart of the battle demolishing everybody who will dare stand in your way.

The shotgun comes equipped with standard attachments and a unique flame suppressor that conceals muzzle flash and decreases damage drop at distance. Land 999 kills with the golden version and pin a new stripe to your profile.

Golden Micro-Roni CAA

This seemingly harmless compact submachine gun packs a superb punch. Its high damage, unparalleled accuracy and light recoil will make you feel at home in any combat while a high capacity mag will save you precious seconds to send a couple of bad dudes to the kingdom come.

Moreover, Micro-Roni CAA is staffed with such unique attachments as reflex sight Hartman MH1, Laser Sight Grip and Special Grip that will let you adjust your tactics to the rapidly changing environment!

Do you remember that enemy elimination performed with a golden gun grants you awesome stripes? Golden Micro-Roni CAA is no exception!

Golden Steyr Scout

The long desired precision rifle returns to the game shop! The new sleek model combines superior damage and impressive accuracy. Its one-off attachments (a silencer and a bipod) provide highly customized gaming experience. Stealthy and cunning or daring and unstoppable - which role would you like to try on?

By killing 999 foes with golden Steyr Scout you will be able to get your hands on a special achievement!

Golden Glock 18C

A couple of mind-blowing automatic pistols are back to the store. CZ 75‐Auto and Glock 18C fire in short bursts; thus, they turn out to be most useful when your primary runs out of ammo.

The golden model has an undeniable perk: by weilding this gun you can get a custom stripe featuring an important Austrian historic artifact — the Holy Lance.

All these golden arms are obtainable via direct sale in the game shop and in special boxes.

The only good enemy is a dead enemy. To arms!

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