Brand New Arsenal Replenishment

2019-05-31 10:34:22


Heading out on your latest mission, but feel like you have nothing to wield? Check out the shop, where you'll find battle-worthy weapons for every class. Grab some guns and show your enemies who's boss!


HArms CQR assault rifle will definitely be of interest to all riflemen. This model has mid-range RPM compensated for by good damage output and incredibly soft recoil, which makes long-burst firing a breeze. The high-capacity Magpul drum mag doesn't hurt, either. It is also equipped with a unique suppressor attachment that slightly increases accuracy, improves penetration, reduces muzzle flash, and slightly reduces damage fall.

You can buy HArms CQR at a fixed price in the game store or try your luck by opening the corresponding box. And there's always a chance that the box might contain the gold version of this gun—or even the rare platinum skin!

Besides looking super luxe, the gold HArms CQR is distinguished by its narrower spread and higher-capacity drum that holds 60 bullets.

Gold Saiga Bullpup

Medics will truly appreciate the gold version of Saiga Bullpup. High rate of fire, impressive damage and excellent range — this shotgun is simply made for rushing into the heat of battle! Besides having excellent stats, this model has a luxe appearance that will help its wielder stand out from other soldiers.

Think you can you kill 999 enemies with the gold version? Great! The commemorative stripe will be yours in no time!


Engineers can equip the gold version of SCAR-L PDW. This compact submachine gun from FN Herstal has excellent damage, high accuracy, controlled recoil, and a wide choice of attachments. What's more, it comes with a unique SCAR-L PDW tactical grip that reduces spread, reload duration, and sway.

Once you kill 999 enemies with the gold version of SCAR-L PDW, you'll earn the corresponding achievement.

McMillan CS5

The fantastic McMillan CS5 sniper rifle is available once again! Use this gun to take out enemies without a sound thanks to the unique silencer, and most importantly, do so from a safe distance. This weapon will soon be a favorite of anyone who is used to being stealthy and careful, never revealing their position and always sticking to the shadows.

See you on the battlefield!

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