The May update is live

2019-05-21 15:09:51


The latest update is live on the game server. Get ready for the exciting new Sunrise raid, the dynamic SanctuaryPvP map in a raid setting, and the first season of Battle Pass. You won't have time to be bored!

Sunrise Raid

According to intel from embedded operative Noda, Blackwood is preparing to launch a number of unidentified objects into space from an island in the Pacific Ocean. As soon as this information reached the European Alliance leadership, they made the decision to send a fleet to the island and launch an assault. However, this attack will be impossible while the energy shield surrounding the island remains in place.

A squad of Warface commandos must land on the island, infiltrate the Blackwood base, and disable the defensive forcefield, allowing European Alliance forces to continue their offensive.

A new gaming experience

Sunrise provides a new gaming experience thanks to its unique gameplay, special first-person actions, and cutscenes. Trust us, you're in for a fun time!

  • Energy shield. At certain moments during the game, you can use a special energy barrier that will protect you from being shot. You will need it in order to move through exposed areas under heavy enemy fire.
  • Poison gas. Your enemy's arsenal includes a special chemical concoction that they won't hesitate to use. Watch out for clouds of poison gas!
  • Stealth mode. At some stages of the special operation, you will have to move silently and employ unusual tactics. Use a silencer, take cover, work together — just don't let the enemy raise the alarm! If you're discovered, you will have a considerably slimmer chance of success, as you will have to face strong enemy units.

New Enemies

Warface soldiers will come face-to-face with extremely dangerous enemies, who you will only be able to defeat by working as a team.

  • SED-2. These cybernetic Blackwood soldiers underwent some serious upgrades and are now deadlier than ever.
  • Firestarter. А particularly well-defended version of the SED-2 cyborgs, armed with a flamethrower. This enemy can set fire to an area around themselves, cutting off your squad's escape route. Be extremely cautious!


The most exemplary soldiers will be able to unlock 20 new achievements for completing this special operation, one of which is a secret. To collect all the marks, badges, and stripes, you'll have to not only defeat enemies, but also demonstrate a high level of teamwork.

Achievement List

Sanctuary PvP map, Free for All mode

The mode for the new maps was not chosen randomly — Free for All is exactly where experienced players get warmed up before serious battles. When creating this new map, we used the same Asian-style setting as we did for the Sunrise special operation, but because of the intricacies of PvP mode, sites in the location were selected for maximum "readability" on the part of the players.

In addition to the same style, Sanctuary has hidden references to the new special operation. This is the location of the home of a distant relative of one of the main characters: Noda, the Warface operative embedded in Blackwood.

In addition to the unmistakable Asian architecture, mountainous terrain, and abundance of cherry blossoms, the unique feel of the map is enhanced by one of the key sites: the sanctuary, featuring a golden dragon statue at the center. All of this contributes to the complete Sanctuary atmostphere and full gameplay immersion.

Battle Pass

It's here. The first Warface Console season has been released! Complete special missions, fight in all your favorite PvP matches, Co-op missions, and raids to earn a ton of rewards, which include weapons, weapon skins, unique character skins, and much more. Interested? Read more in our article!

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