Soon: New FFA Map "Relic"

2024-06-18 11:53:40


Soon, a new map for the "Free for All" mode called "Relic" will appear in the game! Get ready to discover ancient temple ruins hidden deep in the leafy maze of the jungle, and stay vigilant as you navigate this treacherous terrain and unravel its mysteries. Check out the map's visuals in this publication and stay tuned for its release!

About the Map

Hidden in the deepest parts of the tropical forest, immerse yourself into the atmosphere of what is left of ancient ruins. Who knows how long they've been there? Surrounded by foliage, waterfalls and decaying structures, it's easy to get lost in the view, so don't forget to take out your enemies while you're sightseeing! This map is small but mighty, with evenly distributed respawn points, convenient positions for defence and perfect locations for dynamic shoot-outs.

"Relic" in the Game

Let's uncover what the map has in store for you! From the top-down view, scout out all the vantage points and familiarize yourself with the layout. Be ready for surprises and stay on your toes!

Uncover ancient mysteries!

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