Early Access FAQ

2018-08-15 15:35:55

Dear friends!

The game has entered Early Access, and the first squads have already been deployed. We are closely monitoring your feedback and comments. Thus, we have prepared an FAQ with the most popular questions. Let’s begin!

When will Early Access end? Will the full release follow immediately after?
Indeed, the full release is scheduled for the 18th of September, and before that the game will be in Early Access.

Will all progress be saved after Early Access is over?
All your successes, the received weapons, achievements, rank and stats – all this and much more will be saved after the release.

What will I get for purchasing an Early Access pack?
You will have an opportunity to enter the game prior to its full release as well as unique golden guns that can be obtained only during Early Access. You can find more information about the packs on the special page.

If I purchase Rifleman Early Access pack, will only this class be available for me?
No, all classes will be available for free. By purchasing an Early Access pack, you receive a chance to play the game as well as unique items for the chosen class.

Can I receive free access to the game prior to the full release?
The only way to play the game before the 18th of September is to purchase an Early Access pack.

Why do I need to purchase a pack in order to play the game? Isn’t the game free?
That’s right, Warface is a free game that will reach full release on the 18th of September and will be available for everyone. At the moment the game is in Early Access stage with packs of unique items for people that want to play the game before it’s widely accessible.

If you still have questions, you can ask us on social networks and we’ll be sure to answer them.

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