Soon: Disabling Crafting System

2023-07-14 08:32:11


We've been working on the redesign of the current PvE for quite a while and are ready to take the first step towards the overhauled system. We don't see the current crafting as an ambitious or high-potential feature, so we decided to gradually disable it and give away craftable weapons to all owners of at least one crafting card.

  • I have crafting cards. What will happen to them?
If you have at least one crafting card of an item, you'll get that item sent directly to your in-game inventory as soon as we finish disabling the system.
  • I have free cards. What will happen to them?
If you have at least one free card, your free card balance will be topped up to 1,000 free cards so that you can exchange them for a craftable item you like. However, if your free card balance is a multiple of 1,000, you won't get additional cards.
For example: you have 15 or 1,015 free cards, you'll get 985 extra free cards to your account. If you have zero, 1,000 or 2,000 free cards, no additional cards will be granted.
  • Will I be able to get more crafting cards?
The system will continue to work as usual till the beginning of August. Until then, you'll be able to earn crafting cards. After the system is disabled, there'll be no ways to get them.
  • What will happen to SpecOps rewards?
We plan to rework the PvE aspect of the game, including its rewards. We'll be sure to share more details later.
  • When will I get my extra crafting and free cards?
In the beginning of August, you'll stop receiving new crafting cards, and we'll start to distribute items according to the plan described above. The weapons will be granted the moment you log into the game until the system is completely removed. 
  • When will the system be completely removed?
Crafting will be completely removed when the compensation is over. We'll post a separate announcement to let you know the exact date. 
  • What will happen to my card balance if I log into the game after the system is completely disabled?
If you log into the game when the crafting system is removed and the compensation is over, your cards will expire, and we won't be able to deliver the items or free cards to your account. So stay in the loop to not miss this date!

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