Warface update [February 26]

2019-02-26 15:08:34


The servers have just been updated to the latest game version. Check out the "Bag and Tag" PvP game mode, its appropriate maps, new weapons, private PvP rooms, several game mechanics improvements and bug fixes.

PvP game mode: "Bag and Tag"

This game mode is designed to bring your inner lone wolf out. And if you're not much into teamplay, then you're going to love it! You'll find no allies here, trust your hunter instincts and hone the reflexes to stay on top of the game!

The task isn't as simple as it first seems — not only do you have to eliminate your enemy before they eliminate you, you've gotta claim their unique tag that stays on the ground after a player's killed. Collect these tags carefully, but keep an eye out — a lone hanging tag may just be someone's trap!

More about this game mode and maps

Private PvP rooms

You can now create your private PvP rooms. This feature's good for studying the maps alone, have some practice with friends or host a fun in-house game with a competitor team. Aside choosing the game mode and map, you can edit the room name, set a player limit, restrict or allow weapons or classes and toy about with a bunch of other useful settings.


Bringing in a H&K G28. This sniper rifle's a hybrid designed for those who like their main role but desire some versatility. Among its key features is the collimator sight, mounted on the side of the rail. This makes the sniper armed with the G28 a formidable opponent at both long ranges and in close quarters.

Two H&K G28 rounds delivered to any part of the body is enough to take your enemy down, or just go for the classic headshot to do it in one. This rifle's quite handy due to its low recoil and high rate of fire. Its golden sibling brings a somewhat increased rate of fire and a larger mag. Landing 999 kills with the golden H&K G28 unlocks a custom achievement!

H&K G28 boasts a wide selection of available attachments.

  • 4.5x Schmidt Bender 3 Fastzoom scope.
  • 2.5x Vector Optics Maverick collimator sight.
  • H&K G28 Suppressor: reduces noise and conceals the shooter's location at the cost of reducing damage.
  • H&K G28 Flashguard: reduces muzzle flash and damage drop, increases penetration, slightly reduces recoil.
  • H&K Vertical Grip: slightly reduces rifle sway while standing, increases weapon selection / deselection and reload speed.

LWRC SMG-45. Stands out as the highest single shot damage among SMGs. This is essentially a buffed up UMP with an ability to take enemies down with one shot. This power is offset by a low rate of fire — compared to SMGs — and an average effective range.

Its golden version delivers better performance and a premium feel. Landing 999 kills with the golden LWRC SMG-45 unlocks a custom achievement.

Apart from that, LWRC SMG-45 comes with two unique attachments available.

  • 1.3x LWRC SMG-45 Fastzoom collimator sight.
  • LWRC SMG-45 Angle Grip: slightly increases accuracy, substantially reduces recoil, increases weapon selection / deselection speed.

Expanded "Icebreaker" series. Debuting the time-tested top-performers given a new look: Beretta ARX160, DP-12, CZ Scorpion Evo3 A1, Bushmaster BA50, CZ 75 Czechmate Parrot. If you already own these guns, you can use their respective weapon skins.

This lineup is now delivered in the striking ice cold pattern while retaining their original specs — these guns will be sure to handle anything you throw at them!

You'll be able to try these weapons soon enough. Stay tuned for our shop updates!

Other changes

  • Glock 18C. This 10-rounder pistol is getting higher damage (raised up to 60) and slightly improved accuracy while aiming. Apart from that, its damage multiplier to legs has been increased, while to the head — decreased. While these changes made the gun more powerful overall, it's still well-balanced in its tier.

  • We couldn't change Glock 18C without giving it a golden upgrade — this one features even higher damage and effective range. One of its perks is the ability to unlock a custom achievement stripe that displays a historical Austrian artifact, the Holy Lance.

  • The following vests have been buffed up by 10 aditional points of armor: Default Vest, Special Sniper Vest, Special Rifleman Vest and Atlant, while the Strikeforce Vest's received 20 points of armor instead.
  • Improved game client optimization.
  • The list of available Raids has been changed: now you can enjoy “Anubis”, “Earth Shaker”, “Pripyat” and “The HQ”. Other Special Operations will be available upon future rotations. 
  • Standard (custom) rooms include a brand new game mode “Destruction” alongside with some new PVP maps. You can see the whole list of available maps in game.
  • The following PVP maps are now unavailable:
    - [Team Death Match] Oil Depot
    - [Team Death Match] Hangar
    - [Blitz] Residence
    - [Bag and Tag] Icebound
    All the maps are going to be available both in Quick Play and in Custom Rooms in the next Update (currently scheduled for March).

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the error causing the grenade to disappear after being deployed.
  • Fixed the error causing rifle sway during fire at the Heavy Gunner energy cube and several other enemies.
  • Fixed the error with incorrect stamina point deductions when switching from sprinting to walking.
  • Fixed the error causing game client settings to be reset.
  • Fixed several localization errors.

See you in game!

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