New "Plant the Bomb" Map Now in Game!

2023-06-09 13:14:23


We have some excellent news for the fans of the "Plant the Bomb" mode — a new map called "Antenna" is already available in the game! Find more about this map and check out its visuals in this article.

About the Map

The intelligence team discovered another infrastructural facility that strengths the defence of the Labyrinth base, a contact point. Let’s have a look.

"Antenna" in the Game

We've received satellite images of the location and mapped them out, so you can familiarise yourselves with the bases, key spots, and bomb planting sites. Have a closer look at the key positions, capturing them can make defending your objects significantly easier. Be careful, though, as the enemy probably knows about them as well. The central corridor is excellent for a fast regrouping to a different bomb planting site to sabotage the enemy.

There are two Easter eggs on the map — be the first to find them! By activating one of them, you can get a unique achievement.


Do you want to see the map in action? Watch the video on our YouTube channel!

So, what do you think about the map? Share your thoughts on our social media networks or platforms and get ready for battle!

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