Join the Warface Day Festival!

2023-04-12 16:25:48


The celebration of the 11th project anniversary has kicked off. The festival will have several stages and today we’re starting with a warm up. We’ve prepared increased rates, a special log-in streak, a festive shop update and a cool promo page to keep track of all exciting celebratory activities on our social media platforms.

But that’s not all! We’ve also prepared a large-scale update that will become the climax of the festival and will be delivered later. We’ll tell you more about it in separate publications. Stay tuned!

Social Media Activities and Special Promo Page

The Warface Day festival has rolled out on our social media platforms. Take part in festive contests for a chance to get cool prizes. 

Complete tasks on the festive promo page, play mini-games and look for secret codes to get nice presents. Be sure to check out the page — the activities are unlocked every day!

Join Celebration!

You can redeem the codes received on the promo page here.

Redeem Code

Giveaway on Discord

Grab themed achievements in the #giveaway channel on our Discord server before April 20th. Just select the platform you play on and get a unique code. Hurry up before the codes run out!


In-Game Activities

To celebrate this very special date, we’ve prepared festive activities in the game for our beloved community. Enjoy increased rates, log into the game every day to get boxes with agent content and don't miss the festive shop update. Read on to learn the details.

Increased Server Rewards

Enjoy celebration and increased rewards for battles that will be on until 15:00 UTC (17:00 CEST) on the 17th of April: you will be getting 100% more WF$, XP and VPs! Do not miss out on this boost!

Shop Update

The festive shop update is already here: don't miss this opportunity to upgrade your arsenal for Crowns. The permanent versions of the Golden AK-12, Golden Uzkon UNG-12, Golden AMB-17 and Golden SV-98 are already available in the shop via direct sale for 44,950 Crowns. Random boxes with the M14 Crazy Horse, Sten MKIIS, MAG-7, Desert Tech MDR-C and the Tactical Axe are also up for grabs for Crowns.

Dress up for the occasion with the Triumphator Gloves and the Triumphator Helmet. And check out random boxes with a discount of up to 60%! 

Moreover, collectors can enjoy special achievements for Crowns and the 2012 Vintage charm as well as random boxes with the HCAR, Saiga Bullpup, Honey Badger and the Steyr Scout for WF$. Have nice shopping!

The shop will be updated with new items on April 14th. Stay tuned and don’t miss out on exclusive offers!

[Starting from April 13] Festive Log-in Rewards

A special log-in streak will be launched on the 13th of April. Don't miss a chance to get your hands on exclusive agent content! Log in every day to get random boxes with Agent Enigma, Agent Taishan, Agent Oscar and Agent Maori items.

Please note: The streak may not start from the item for the "1st day" but log in continually and you'll be sure to receive all the rewards. Bear in mind that after three missed days, the login progress will be reset.

Let the fun begin and happy Warface Day!

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