Update - 22.02.2023

2023-02-22 11:19:04


An update has been installed on the servers. We’ve fixed some bugs from the previous versions and added new Agent content that will be available in the game soon, so stay tuned!

New Content

  • Ranked Matches: added a set of items and achievements for the upcoming seasons.

Content Changes

  • Added jump kills as an alternative to slide kills in the current Battle Pass and "Winter Brawl" event contracts.

Bug Fixes

Weapons and Gear

  • H&K G36 Assault: fixed a bug, due to which the weapon would sometimes disappear from the player’s hands in the third person view.
  • Fixed a bug, due to which the lenses of some sights were displayed incorrectly.

PvE and SO

  • Fixed a bug, due to which the animations of NPCs and players were sometimes displayed incorrectly in the third person view.


  • Fixed some in-game and item descriptions and inconsistencies.

Soon in Game

Agent Grizzly

Francis Dyke, aka Agent Grizzly, a lumberjack from a distant Canadian village who in his youth was a unique fighter of a secret government service, will join the ranks of soldiers in the game. Francis has been to many places and seen a lot, but no one living today knows the details of his adventures.

Find out more about the agent and the content dedicated to him in a future publication. Stay tuned to not miss out!

See you in Warface!

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