Warblog - February 3rd

2023-02-03 16:30:49


The new issue of Warblog is here. Check it out to learn more about the new seasonal update and other novelties. So let's get right into it!

See you next time!

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Season "Side by Side" Now Live!
The fresh update includes a new PvP mode "Brawl", contracts of the "Winter Brawl" event with permanent primary guns as the final reward, a new season of the Battle Pass, dual-wield weapons and important bug fixes.
2023-02-02 12:47:50
Update — 09.02.2023
The latest update includes a festive contract dedicated to Valentine's Day and themed items that will soon become available in the game, as well as fixes to some bugs of the previous game versions.
2023-02-09 10:38:24

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