Happy Holidays, Warface!

2022-12-23 15:56:20


This year has been full of amazing new stuff, cool game features and exciting events. Our team's worked diligently to bring you lots of fun. We enjoy our work and take pride in it. But most importantly, we strive to bring you, our players, something you enjoy and come back to. We would not be here without you! So, our team has prepared a little something to wish you happy holidays! 

Year Results

Go to the special page, open the case and check out what 2022 was like in Warface. There are 18 kinds of medals for our community's in-game achievements, for example, for the total number of enemies eliminated with different types of weapons, headshots, or explosions or the time spent in the game. Hurry up to press the button and learn the project's overall results of the year!

Year results

Increased Server Rates

Enjoy more WF$, XP and VP on the following dates:

  • Happy Holidays 2x Rewards: +100% from 15:00 UTC, December 23rd, until 11:59 UTC, December 26th.
  • Happy Holidays 1.5x Rewards: +50% from 12:00 UTC, December 26th, until 11:59 UTC, December 30th.
  • Happy New Year 2x Rewards: +100% from 12:00 UTC, December 30th, until 11:59 UTC, January 2nd.

May your wishes come true and enjoy the holidays!

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