Update - 24.11.2022

2022-11-24 10:34:34


In this update you will find a new weapon progression system — modifications, weapon stats changes, bug fixes and much more. Read on to learn the details!

New Content

Modification System

The modification system is a progression mechanic for in-game items. It allows changing the specs of certain primary or secondary weapons, as well as the "Spectre" vests by applying mods. The modification system allows the player to improve their guns and customize the characteristics to better suit their individual game style.

In the modification system, by completing special contracts, or levelling up through the item progression, you can get a special currency — parts, which can then be used to upgrade the mods. Weapons and gear level up while playing with them. The more you use an item in the game, the higher its level, and the greater the range of available mods. For different types of weapons (assault rifles, shotguns, etc.) there is a different set of mods available.

Read more about the modification system in a separate publication.

About the mods


  • Ranked Matches: added a set of items and achievements.

Content changes

Weapons and gear

We continue making small changes to the weapons' stats. In this update, among other things, we have tweaked the medics' guns: the Buckled Lupara, V3 Tac-13, and SIX AUTO-SD. They proved to be ineffective against enemies wearing newer gear: they could not one-shot them from up close. This does not follow the shotgun archetype as a powerful close-range weapon.


We have increased the base damage and reduced the amount of pellets, which will make the shotgun more effective at a close range.

V3 TAC-13

The amount of pellets has been changed, and the general damage has been considerably increased (up to 768). This change increased the chances of one-shotting enemies from a short distance and brought the shotgun closer to its competitor, the Benelli Super Black Eagle 3.

Buckled Lupara

The amount of pellets has been decreased, and the overall damage increased to 603. This will increase the chances of one-shotting the enemy at a short distance.

Stats changes:
  • SIX12 AUTO-SD:
    • increased damage of each pellet (from 31,5 to 42);
    • decreased the overall pellet amount (from 12 to 9).
  • Buckled Lupara:
    • increased damage of each pellet (from 50 to 67);
    • decreased overall pellet amount (from 12 to 9);
    • increased damage (from 600 to 603).
  • V3 Tac-13
    • increased damage of each pellet (from 50 to 64);
    • decreased the overall pellet amount (from 14 to 12);
    • increased damage (from 700 to 768);
    • increased the minimal damage of the pellets (from 25 to 28).
  • Makarov Pistol:
    • decreased damage (from 140 to 135);
    • decreased fire rate (from 320 to 300);
    • decreased fire range (from 12 to 11).
  • OTs-14 Groza:
    • decreased damage (from 93 to 91);
    • decreased fire range (from 17 to 16,5);
    • decreased fire rate (from 640 to 620).
  • SAR 109T Specs unique silencer:
    • the silencer no longer increases the effective range by 2,5 m;
    • the damage reduction by distance decreased from 15% to 10%.

Bug Fixes

Weapons and gear

  • Fixed a bug, due to which the golden AK-12 had no sound.
  • Fixed a bug, due to which the golden 2x pistol scope had no aiming grid.


  • Fixed a bug, due to which it was impossible to enter the Bulwark map.
  • Fixed a bug, due to which the player would sometimes get stuck in the spectator mode when starting a match in a custom room of the Gun Game Team Mode.

PvE and SO

  • Fixed a visual bug, due to which the rope in the SO Heist was displayed incorrectly‎.


  • Fixed a bug, due to which, when re-logging into the game, the contracts displayed the sign "New"‎‎.
  • Fixed localization mistakes, added missing in-game descriptions and texts.

Soon in Game

Black Friday

Once a year, "Black Friday" takes over the world. We decided to prepare for this day and share the new "Tribal" series with you. The guns from this series are decorated with patterns of long forgotten tribes and preserve the spirit and power of our ancestors. The series consists of: Buckled Lupara and the Karambit, as well as camouflages for them. In addition, you will also find the thematic Tribal Charm, which will be perfect for any of your weapons and will protect you from all of your enemies. Complete the contract to get the items mentioned above and many more!

The game will also offer an exclusive contract, which yields a box with the Great Gatsby Stoner LMG A1! You will have to complete the contract in Quick Play on the Black Mamba and Blackgold maps. Log in and click on the special banners on the main screen to create rooms on said maps. .

Attention: the contracts are not yet available in the game. Follow the news.

Football Fans' Series

For all the football fans in Warface we will add a thematic weapon charm, an achievement set, and a random box that you can open to have a chance at getting the "World Tournament" series weapons (except for the Jagdkommando knife) — permanent or for 3 hours.

Attention: the contracts are not yet available in the game. Follow the news.

Agent Oscar‎

A new agent has joined the ranks in the New Power season — Andrew Herrera! Read his story and complete contracts, yielding rewards in his style. For completing the contracts, you can get cool weapons, charms, and achievements dedicated to the agent, as well as other useful items.

Attention: the agent and his contracts are not yet available in the game. Follow the news.

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