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2018-08-02 08:49:59


The second CBT stage on PS4 starting on August the 2nd will feature plenty of new content: 4 PvP maps and a PvE mission: "Tower Raid".

New PvP maps

Storm: Black Mamba. The attacking team is tasked with initiating a missile launch, which will require you to capture and hold three consecutive checkpoints in a row.

The first checkpoint is a radiolocation land station. Once captured, it'll cut enemy communications and open the path to the main bunker. The station has several access points, one of which takes through the roof. Keep your head down, open ranges are perfect grounds for snipers!

The second checkpoint is a control tower that allows you to gain direct access to the rocket silo and the actual control panel. Note the mobile cabin atop the construction crane and air vents -- these offer amazing opportunities for an ambush, whether you're into aerial assaults or flanking your enemy.

The third checkpoint is the missile control room. Maintain high situational awareness and use cover when in doubt. Oh, you might want to stay clear of the exhaust pipes. Rocket engines tend to get pretty hot and will melt through anything in their immediate vicinity.

Plant the Bomb: Bridges 2.0. The battle will be taking place at a village separated by a shallow river with two bridges that serve as crossings and ultimate fighting grounds.

You will find plenty of abandoned equipment, vehicles and crates in the area that provide reliable hard cover. Tread carefully crossing the river -- the stream may not be as deadly, but enemy marksmen won't miss the chance to take you out.

One team is tasked with planting the bomb at one of the two strategic sites and making sure it goes off, whereas the opposing team has to prevent that from happening. Good luck out there!

Free for All: Bunker. Recent combat ops left this rocket site bunker unguarded and thus turned into perfect hunting grounds for those scavenging for data. Once you're deployed, follow this simple pattern: shoot first, ask questions later. Chances are, you won't find any friends or allies here, so stay frosty.

Your call to dig in or go mobile, but you best stay quiet -- or you'll be ringing the doorbell for those that are smart enough to do so! Stack up on nades and mines and use them frequently.

Don't forget the air vents, they can help you navigate to different levels of the bunker that bumps up your chances in the hunt!

Team Death Match: Launch. The action takes place at one of the Blackwood's engineering facilities, situated deep in Africa. The task at hand is simple: eliminate the enemy squad.

This battle's going to be tough and hot, quite literally! The blistering heat shows no mercy, and you'll be fighting stranded in an unfamiliar compound that seems to be living a life of its own -- rocket site platforms will be constantly moving and you'll have to adjust your strategy accordingly.

Take note of several vantage points that snipers love so much -- help your team secure them and deny the enemy the same benefit, these will grant true superiority in this battle.

Raid: "Tower Raid".

Recon’s discovered the new whereabouts of Blackwood’s HQ. Coincidentally, it’s where you’ll find one of its high-ranking officers — Oberon White.

The Warface squad will have to assault the building and fight their way up every floor to the very top to capture him, dead or alive. You’ll get more than an armed resistance — as you enter each floor, you’ll get swarmed with continuous assaults by Blackwood forces armed to the teeth: automatic weapons, sniper rifles and even RPGs. Intel suggests one of the floors may have a Heavy Gunner — as the name suggests, the guy hits heavy and is extremely hard to take down.

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