Agent Enigma already in game!

2022-11-15 11:24:07


Marina Radić, also known as agent "Enigma" is now available in the game. Marina is an excellent mercenary, who can win any battle alone even against all odds.

The agent is part of the "New Power" seasonal update. Learn more about the new season in a dedicated publication.


Marina was born in the 90s in Croatia. Her childhood consisted of constant journeys from place to place all around Europe. From an early age, Marina was left to her own devices. As she grew older, she often got into tricky situations and learned to get herself out of them. This skill has come in handy in her future career. At 17, Marina ended up in the French Foreign Legion, almost getting caught forging a parent’s permit. Years of service were accompanied by both feats and scandals. Excellent success in combat and lax compliance with orders lead to the fact that Marina's command, although while continuing to appreciate her success, began to look for a new position for her. So after completing her contract, Marina and gets into a private organization.

Little is known about the new employer and the agent’s activities. It is said that Marina Radić is working in her element: sophisticated equipment, impossible tasks, permissiveness, and the ability to rely only on herself brought the mercenary quick fame. Many have tried to lure Marina over to their side, but no one could offer better terms.

Watch the trailer to learn the agent's story:


Agent "Enigma" Set

The agent set includes cool weapons from the "Hi-Tech" series: IWI Galil ACE Gen II Rifle, Kel-Tec SUB2000 and S&W Survival Tanto.

Here's good news for weapon charms collectors: you can find a new item in the agent pack — decorate your weapons with this brand new accessory!

Achievements for kills made with the new weapon models and unique distinctions designed in the agent style have been added to the game. Destroy enemies with "Hi-Tech" arms, and earn cool achievements to pin them on your profile!

New Contracts

The game now features contracts with the agent content. Complete them and get powerful "Hi-Tech" arms, a box with the Agent Enigma skin, unique distinctions set in the agent style, a weapon charm and other useful items.

See you in the game!

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