Golden Honey Badger and more

2018-11-06 17:32:23


Without doubt, a weapon should be reliable and efficient, but who said it can't look good? Find yourself agreeing with this reasoning? Grab the golden submachine gun Honey Badger and gain access to a broad selection of its skins! And if you're looking to go on a spree, you'll find no better than the Russian LMG, PKP "Pecheneg", American sniper rifle M40A5, and a range of discounted "Black Shark"-series weapons!

Best picks

Golden Honey Badger. Firearm enthusiasts will enjoy the superb, stylish finish, improved combat specs, and a built-in suppressor for all those covert ops you're into!

Eliminate 999 enemies with this silent hunter and get a unique achievement!

PKP "Pecheneg". Careful with this one, it's a killer gun! Competitive damage and rate of fire combined with a superb effective range will let you work any target and any battlefield, while the ammo belt carrying 200 rounds will keep you in the fight the longest!

M40A5. An all-American, marine marksman-approved bolt-action sniper rifle. Stunning damage and impeccable effective range (all the way up to 80!), and 15 rounds in each mag make this rifle one of the best picks in a heated battle.

Tigerstripe and Desert Snake weapon skins

Deploying to a desert map or planning a tumble in the jungle? Or just looking for a skin to match that squad uniform? Look no further with these weapon skins!

Tigerstripe skin for PKP "Pecheneg"
Desert Snake skin for PKP "Pecheneg"
Tigerstripe skin for M40A5
Desert Snake skin for M40A5
Tigerstripe skin for Fabarm S.A.T. 8 Pro
Desert Snake skin for Fabarm S.A.T. 8 Pro

Tigerstripe skin for PP-19 Bizon

Desert Snake skin for PP-19 Bizon

Remember that weapon skins can be purchased in the "Inventory" menu. To do that, navigate to the "Weapons" tab and select the needed gun. If it comes with any available skins, they'll be displayed in the column to the right.

"Black Shark"-series sale

Still contemplating the purchase? Cast away your doubts and grab this series for 20% off! This series includes only battle-tested weapons and will prove handy in any PvP match, and their innate 20% damage bonus to cybernetic enemies makes them unmatched in hardcore raiding.

20% discount!
Saiga 12S
Fabarm STF 12 Compact
Steyr Scout
XM8 Compact
Glock 18C

See you in the game!

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