Rewards for Raids

2018-11-01 09:31:12


Raids are complex PvE missions that require your entire squad to give their all and work together as a team. Sometimes only the most experienced soldiers can survive and achieve the goal! Naturally, there's a well-deserved reward waiting for you for completing the raid successfully, and the more difficult the raid, the better the reward: on Hard and Nightmare difficulty levels, you can get a powerful weapon that's yours forever!

Rewards for Hard and Nightmare

If you successfully complete the Earth Shaker raid, you're guaranteed to get a weapon and helmet from the Earth Shaker series. Items from this series are inspired by the raid itself: cracks run along their frames, making it clear that they are literally loaded with primal power! And there's one more weapon shining in the darkness too. It's a spellbinding spectacle!

The Anubis and Blackout raids have yielded the colorful Anubis series of guns. They all have a memorable multicolored skin, and they have the same stats as their originals, so you'll have no trouble doing away with your opponents!

The Black Shark series is the award for destroying the Black Shark towers. These weapons will prove themselves worthy in PvP fights, and thanks to their 20% increase in damage against all types of cybernetic enemies, they'll be useful in difficult PvE raids too.

Can you take out your target in the White Shark raid? Great, then one of four guns will be yours!


You will only receive a reward upon successful completion of a raid on Hard or Nightmare difficult levels. Items may last for 1 hour, 1 day, or forever. Besides the special rewards mentioned above, you can get the standard ones too: Crowns, Warface Dollars, experience points and VP, as well as temporary versions of guns and consumable items, depending on the raid.

Good luck, soldiers!

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