FAQ recap - November

2020-12-03 13:10:21


Once a month we will publish a console FAQ containing relevant questions we've answered from the past month. If you follow our official Discord or Reddit pages, you have probably seen them before. You can ask your questions on Discord in the #consoles_feedback channel, or on our latest Reddit FAQ post.

  • Do you have an update on the lagging and freezing that’s been occurring? Will there be a large update to fix these issues?
    We are methodically working on dealing with these problems - almost every patch has some fixes implemented to better the state of the game. You’ll greatly help us speed up the process by sending examples and/or video evidence of these issues occurring on your platform to our Support Staff.
  • The Aim Assist feature was negatively received on Nintendo Switch. Will you get rid of this feature in ranked matches or try to balance it?
    We don’t have plans to remove this feature. We want to make it as fair and as balanced as possible. More updates to AA are coming soon.
  • Any plans to update the repair system?
    This is a question we are not yet ready to give a final answer to. We are researching various ways of revamping the weapon system.
  • Why do the same Nintendo Switch ranked rewards appear so often?
    It’s about time we update our general ranked rewards. We have some stuff planned we think you’ll enjoy in the future.
  • Is it possible so that contracts don’t just disappear after rotation, but stay for those players that weren’t able to complete them in time?
    Unfortunately, it’s not possible to implement such a feature at the moment. However, the contracts will have a timer that shows how much time is left until they disappear.
  • When will the Special Operation “Swarm” come to consoles?
    Swarm has only just come out for PC, so consoles will be getting it in 2021. We’ll be sure to announce a more concrete date later down the line. Stay tuned!
  • With the addition of crossplay, will there be cross-saves? For example the ability to transfer our progress between an Xbox and a PS account?
    No, there won’t be a cross-save feature. The progress you have is saved on your specific account on that specific platform.

Fresh answers to your burning questions are coming soon, stay tuned! 

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