Hard Shell pack for PS+ subscribers

2020-08-13 01:11:35


Dreaming of having a new set of equipment, but can't find anything good enough? Well, we have prepared something really good for those who want to be effective and stylish in battle. PS+ subscribers can now get Hard Shell pack for free! Not only it contains superior armour set, but also can increase some of the in-game characteristics. 

No matter how intense is the combat, Superior Armor will boost both your looks and your morale. Apart from a unique appearance, superior armour can also increase sprint distance for 40%. The pack also contains "Superior Armor" body camo for four classes:

  • Superior Rifleman's Armor;
  • Superior Medic's Armor;
  • Superior Engineer's Armor;
  • Superior Sniper's Armor.


Superior Engineer's Armor
Superior Medic's Armor
Superior Sniper's Armor
Superior Rifleman's Armor

Good luck in combat! 

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