Development Team about aim assist in Ranked Matches

2020-08-06 13:00:43


We thoroughly examine the complaints and suggestions we receive. So we could not turn a blind eye to your requests to return aim assist in Ranked PvP Matches.

We would like to remind you that our decision to disable aim assist was guided both by the developers’ stance and by players' feedback - in winter, we got a lot of requests to nerf or completely remove aim assist in Ranked PvP Matches. Disabling the function, among other things, gives players an opportunity to test their abilities in "real" Ranked PVP, to appreciate the opponent’s skill, and to try out a particular weapon in close to real-life conditions.

In the near future, we do not plan to activate "aim assist" or make any fundamental changes to Ranked Matches.

As for players who prefer using M&K to play on consoles, we do not currently have information that a large number of users do not employ gamepads. Xbox and PS4 consoles support the possibility to connect M&K via Bluetooth or USB; this does not violate the platform rules. For more information, please visit the official Sony and Microsoft technical support websites.

As for gaming on consoles using M&K, the device emulation is provided by third-party software that is developed without the approval of Sony or Microsoft. If connected successfully, the devices will be detected by the consoles as a gamepad, making it difficult to track users using a keyboard and a mouse for gaming. Please bear in mind that if you face players violating the game rules, you can contact our technical support team and provide screenshots or videos proving the use of third-party software or devices.

See you in combat! 

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