Soon: Sticky Grenade
The new device, the Sticky Grenade, will be available in the game with the next update. Read on to learn about all of its possibilities!
2023-08-14 09:37:20
Content Creators Spotlight
A new issue of the Content Creators spotlight is here! Enjoy the best videos made by the members of our partnership program.
2023-07-28 14:09:20
Agent Sierra Now in Game!
Agent Sierra has joined the ranks of operatives as part of the "Treasure Hunters" season. A new weapon series "Smuggler" and themed contracts with the new content are waiting for you. Check out her history!
2023-07-28 13:10:23
Season "Treasure Hunters" Now in Game!
A new Battle Pass season, Kredit pack changes, fixes for the flamethrower damage, Medic training and more.
2023-07-27 13:08:17
Mods Survey Results
Recently we have conducted a survey about the mod system. In this news, we share the results of the survey.
2023-07-27 12:16:01
New Battle Pass "Treasure Hunters"
A new Battle Pass season is now live in Warface! New weapons of the Abyss and Deep series and other thematic rewards, as well as a heap of parts, are available through the BP progression and BP contracts.
2023-07-27 11:59:37
Soon: Kredit Pack Changes
The Kredit pack prices will be readjusted on July 27, 2023.
2023-07-26 12:17:39
Soon: Disabling Crafting System
We'll soon disable the crafting system. You'll receive the items you have cards of to your account even if you only have one of them.
2023-07-14 08:32:11
Ranked Matches: "Legends" Season #3
The new season sports the standard progression and updated rewards: temporary weapons of the "Lucky Rabbit" series, a box with the Baroque Kunai Knife, a Baroque Skin for the Kunai Knife, as well as unique achievements and a Baroque Helmet Charm.
2023-07-13 11:16:15
New Puma Suit in "Super Warface 3D"
Play the "Super Warface 3D" game, get a payment bonus, obtain parts, a new character suit "Puma", the Puma M1911A1 pistol and a cool achievement. It's time to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the games of our childhood!
2023-07-07 15:10:39